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16:09-- Guest_3176: Washing machines consist of various components to carry out different functions like washing, rinsing, spinning, drying, and many more. But, it is an electrical device constructed by combining electrical components which may be subject to damage or breaking down. If the problem is severe, it is necessary to call in the professionals and experts, because rectifying the problem yourself would not be an easy task. Following are some of the problems that are most likely to be found in a washing machine.It Won't Spin: This can happen if you stuff too many clothes at one time. Remove some clothes out and then try the spin cycle again with a lesser number of clothes. The other reasons can be a broken lid, faulty switch and the tab on the lid, broken or loose belt, or control problem.It Won't Drain: This may happen if the water pump is clogged, the belt is loose, or the drainage hose is kinked. You can replace the belt or call an appliance repair person to deal with this problem.It Won't Fill With Water: You might face this problem if the inlet hoses are clogged, there is a fault in the timer, lid switch, or the water level switch, which is located in the control panel with a clear tube attached to it (with the VOM on RX1). Examine the three terminals and all the optional pairings to see whether you are getting a 0 reading on one and infinity reading on the others.It Doesn't Run: Recheck if the washing machine is plugged in (receiving electrical power). If it is plugged in and still does not work, then check the outlet with the VOM for the voltage and the power cord (if it is damaged). If all the devices are fine, then the lid switch or timer may have a problem. Call the repair person and replace the parts if necessary.It Leaks: The leakage might take place due to damaged hoses or loose connections. Check the water pump in case of a leakage.It Does Not Agitate: Check the lid switch, belt, timer, or bad transmission (spin solenoid). There is a possibility that some piece of cloth must have got wrapped around the agitator resulting in this problem.It Makes Noise: This may be due to unbalanced/heavy load. Do not stuff too many clothes in the machine. Remove some of the clothes and try again. If the problem does not get solved, then there might be a bad transmission or the agitator might be broken. Call the home appliances repair person to get it repaired.The key is not to panic if your washer stops working or faces any problems. You can repair them at home if there is a minor problem, which it usually is. Otherwise call a repair person to do the job if you are unsure of the actual problem.
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16:33-- Guest_3911: 'Almost all homes today own a microwave oven. Microwaves are as common as refrigerators in kitchen's today. But, just like every electronic product, microwaves too face some glitches while working. Also many times, the problems are just too minor and you can troubleshoot them all by yourself. If you too are like me, do-it-yourself kind of person, who would rather try to find the cause of the problem at home before calling the repair man over, then the following troubleshooting tips will be helpful. If you know some simple microwave troubleshooting tips, you will not only save a lot of time and energy visiting the repair shop to find the problem, but also your greens.How to Troubleshoot a Microwave?Many times one faces some trouble with their microwave working. These glitches are rather simple and you can troubleshoot the microwave repair yourself. But before you try troubleshooting, make sure you follow the following microwave oven safety guidelines by the book.Microwave oven is an electric appliance and can lead to serious electric shocks when handled without care. You should make sure the appliance is unplugged. Do not touch the wiring or any other components till the high voltage capacitor is discharged.Common Microwave Problem TroubleshootingIf you find your microwave is not working at all, make sure it was plugged in properly and the outlet is functional. Also, check the fuses and the door switch. If you find, the internal fuse or the thermal fuse of your microwave is blown, then replace the fuse if it is accessible. Or else call the repairman for help. Also, if the door hooks and door release button is broken, the microwave won't work.When you find the microwave while cooking sounds all right, but it is not heating the dish inside. This means that one of the door switches, high voltage circuitry, the circuit board may have some glitches. This kind of problem requires you to call for professional help.The next common problem is that the power level cannot be adjusted. This means there is a defective triac or something is wrong with the circuit board. This requires a professional electrician to repair the circuit board. The next microwave repair problem is the carousel that won't turn. A small motor is one that causes the carousel to move. You need to open the microwave cabinet to be able to repair it. You should inspect the plastic drive coupling on which you place your tray and the ring and roller assembly. Be sure they are working properly. If you find there is some problem with the motor, call a technician to help you out.Flickering of the display is a minor problem that won't affect the microwave functioning in any way. However, if you find that the flickering is coinciding with the cooking problems, you should pursue microwave troubleshooting. Check if there is insect infestation like cockroaches under the touch pad or readout window. They love the warm circuit board and make home underneath it. Also, If the touch pad is wet, it will ta
16:35-- Guest_9386: "Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets."Why do men love gadgets? Well, this is an age-old question that has baffled the opposite sex for generations. But to tell you the truth, gadgets aren't a thing to adore; they are actually useful to those who wish to purchase them. From cool and exciting apps to huge entertainment pieces, every new gadget is an upgrade towards a better, simpler, more joyful life.Well, most guys already have a bucket list of gadgets or 'tech' stuff they wish to add in their existing collections. However, when it comes to giving these highly-appreciated and hugely-anticipated items as gifts, some people can be left clueless. So, in order to help you get out of this dilemma Scot-free, here are our suggestions to what can be an interesting idea for a gift.At first, it might seem like shopping for a tech-savvy guy is tough because they have specific choices and brands that they like (read worship). Of course, not all brands have latest gadgets that match current technologies and customer demands. But, if you are completely unaware of what to purchase and how to go about it, we will advise you to take someone who has knowledge of the same. This way, you won't be standing in a store, looking confused and staring at the range of gadgets.Quadcopter with an HD CameraWith radar positioning and return-home control, a quad copter is a wonderful gift as it is easy to set up and gives you so much fun to fly. There is a high-performance 3D camera with a micro SD card that can shoot full HD videos and high-quality stills. Certain models, depending on the manufacturer, also have an integrated GPS auto-pilot system that offers position holding, altitude lock, and stable hovering to get the perfect video or shots.A wireless headphone, depending on the brand you choose, has a fine-tuned acoustics for clarity, breadth, and balance. You can recharge them after a full 12-hour session of uninterrupted listening. Certain products are a bit pricey, but with the sound quality and high-end models, these are definitely worth it.Whether he is on his way to work or school, or going out for a quick morning run, a Bluetooth headphone will keep him connected to any/all of his devices, such as phone, tablet, and laptop. Most come with a rechargeable battery where the person doesn't have to plug the device in to anything. With powerful sound quality and clear bass, this device can be used anytime, anywhere.For an adventure-seeker, a pair of walkie-talkie is a perfect gift for when he's out hiking, biking, driving, camping, or at the beach with family and/or friends. Depending on the brand you choose, the transmission range will differ, along with the location the walkie-talkie is being used. Plus, most models come with in-built weather and emergency channels as well.Apart from the unusual, yet cool gifts mentioned in this article, there are other gifts that you can buy. To find more suggestions on the same, go through the article on best electr
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16:40-- Guest_3815: Gifting the hostess may not be a part of the baby shower etiquette, but it's definitely a very good gesture. What counts more than the gift is the thought behind it. Among the popular options to gift a woman are a perfume, a dinner set, a cutlery gift set, jewelry, and home accessories, among others. Wine and cheese, chocolates, or a gift basket of assorted goodies are some other commonly picked gifts. You could choose one of them or a similar one for your baby shower hostess. Or you could go in for something more personalized, like one of the gift ideas given here! Present her with a beautiful gift as a token of your appreciation, and thank her for hosting such an amazing baby shower for you.Ask Her to be Your Child's Godmother If she is close to you, the best way to honor her would be to ask her to be your child's godmother. Make a card or frame with baby clothes or pictures (after the baby is born) and a nice message asking her to be the child's godmother. This is a gift she will be touched with, and it's something she will treasure forever. If your baby shower was hosted by multiple hostesses, gift them bags monogrammed with the baby's name (if you have already decided one) or the initials. As a variant to this, you could gift them personalized mugs with the baby's picture or name, or a thank you message. This is a gift that will remain close to their heart and serve as a sweet memory of the day of the baby shower. This is a very cute gifting idea, which will make your hostess go aww. If the hostess is your sister, mother, or close friend, gift her a beautiful frame with a cute 'thank you' message from the baby, along with the baby's handprints or footprints. She is going to love this innovative idea. She must have been busy preparing for the party. She must be tired with all the planning. Gift her a day at the spa. That makes for a gift well-deserved, giving her a chance to relax herself. Choose a relaxing massage or any other rejuvenating treatment, and gift her a voucher for the same. Gift her a basket full of her favorite shampoos, conditioners, and bath scents. You could supplement these with bath accessories and a perfume, and decorate the basket with colorful ribbons and flowers. Every little thing in the basket is going to be useful for her, and she is going to love this gift for sure. Opt for cute and fancy salt and pepper shakers. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors. They are useful and decorative, and among the best options if you are gifting multiple hostesses. She must have worked really hard to make sure that everything goes fine for your baby shower. She has given you a wonderful treat, and now it's your turn to treat her. Take her out for lunch, giving her a break from cooking and some time well-spent chatting and having good food, in your company. Buying something costly is always an option, but making something specially for her, presenting her with a thoughtful gift, or adding a personal touch to it, will s
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