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21:02-- Guest_2548: Bearing the Weight of the Smartglasses!The initial prototype of Google Glass weighed a massive 3 kg!Move over smartphones, it is now time for the smartglasses to shine! I remember a time, not too long ago, when wearing glasses would make you look like a nerd. Over time though, with hours and hours of working on the computer, watching TV all day long, constantly being glued to your smartphone screen, and then scores of sleepless nights, glasses have become rather mainstream and have even become a style statement.Then, in early 2013, Google Glass came along and changed the way we viewed the world, quite literally so. The augmented reality glasses were the first of their kind and seemed like props right out of a sci-fi movie. Geeks around the world rejoiced at the launch of this surreal device, and everyone wanted to get their hands on one. Sadly though, these glasses aren't commercially available just yet. Taking advantage of this sudden interest in smartglasses, Vuzix, a name associated with computer displays for more than a decade, launched its own smartglasses, the M100. So, is the newest contender to the title of the ultimate geeky device any good, or is the Google Glass just too good for it? Here's finding out.Vuzix M100 vs. Google Glass Google Glass Website: Google GlassGoogle Glass is undoubtedly the most interesting piece of tech out there today. The glasses were released to a select group of Explorers (or glassholes, as the jealous world commonly knows them as!) who got to try them on. Google Glass packs an OMAP4430 SoC dual-core processor, supported by 1 GB of RAM. There's also 16 GB (12 GB user accessible) of on board storage to save all information, images, and the creepy videos that you might bother to record with the Glass. The display features a prism projector which displays the images directly into the wearer's eye. The images have a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels and seem like a 25-inch screen at a distance of 8 feet. The on board camera can record 720p videos, and capture 5 MP still images. Perhaps the coolest feature of Glass is the fact that it is almost completely controlled by voice commands. While that might not be a novel feature anymore, what sets Glass apart from the rest of its competition is the wide array of commands that it follows. A microphone catches all your commands, while the Glass sends audio cues via the bone conduction transducer. There's also a touchpad by the side of Google Glass that lets users navigate through the screens. Glass is available with titanium frames in various colors. Google recently partnered with popular eyewear company Luxottica (owners of Ray-Ban and Oakley) to have even more frames being launched in the near future.Google Glass weighs in at just 50 g, and is extremely flexible. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, and there's even a micro USB port in the mix. Glass needs the MyGlass companion to pull data from any Android 4.0.3 or iOS 7 phone. Being an open source
21:04-- Guest_3191: Your Android phone is considered as disabled if you do not have applications in it. Think of it, would you like to work on a laptop with no Internet connection in it? Anyway, whether you've just bought this amazing product from the Google clan, or you're hunting for some newness, hotness, and chicness for your widget, we'll get you hooked with the must-have applications for your Droid to grab an all new experience of using your Android phone. Some of them may not be free of cost, and you may be charged for using those apps, but they're worth it. Nothing goes wrong when you have a Droid in your hand. Know why.The variety of applications that is offered for Droid owners is no less than a nightmare - it's like shopping for clothes, literally. You like every outfit, but cannot decide which one to pick, as there are too many. Just too many. Well, in case of applications, you have an edge, though. Mostly because many of them don't even need you to pay a cent for them. So, here we go with the apps that are free of cost, followed by the ones that have a price tag along with them.Facebook for Android: "Let the world go to hell, let me do facebooking!" If you're an ardent devotee of Mark Zuckerberg, this app is a must have. Stay connected with friends with the help of Facebook all throughout by installing it for free.Documents to Go: Manage and organize all your data with this phenomenal Droid app that makes organization a cake-walk. This application supports almost all data format, and is my pick for the most useful app that Droid can have.Pandora Radio: What's life without music? What's a phone without Pandora Radio? Certainly a killer app, this Internet radio device lets you choose your favorite artists and their songs your way. Listen to whichever music you want to listen, and this app will play it all for you. Undoubtedly, one of the best Droid apps ever, don't you think so?SportyPal: Now this one will blow your mind! Go jogging, running, or cycling, and this app keeps a track of your speed, calories burnt, and distance traveled. Know your itinerary the easy way, now that you have this app handy for your Droid!Google Goggles: A veteran in languages like English, French, German, and Spanish, this app recognizes images in whichever part of the world you are. Suppose you're unaware of a particular place. Click a pic of it, and Google Goggles will provide you all the information associated with the image. Ahem... What do you think of this one?Should you want some more, here's an accumulation of some more free Droid apps that are a must-have: Google Voice: 'Hello' is Cheaper Now Nimbuzz: The 'Chat'ter Box Twidroyd: Tweet the Easy Way PhotoShop Mobile: Add Life to Those Pics Shazam: Personalized Music Repository PaidEasy Tether: Comes for $9.95, and allows you to share data packets on your Android with your computer. Connect your phone with your computer, and go surfing!Locale: This is one of the best apps in the paid category, mostly because of its distinc
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21:11-- Guest_6895: Bose Q35 Headphones Review If somebody where to ask you about noise-cancelling headphones, Bose's QuietComfort series would be the first to come to mind. The ubiquitousness of the Bose QC1 5s and the Bose QC2 5s on airplanes and subway vehicles paved the road for Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones. This marks the first time Bose is blending its noise-cancelling technology with wireless capabilities . Design If you're familiar with Bose products, you'll instantly recognise the new QC35s. They have the same design that we've all grown-up very well known. The padded oval-ish ear beakers to the top of the headband. Bose didn't make any drastic design changes. That told, the new QC35s aren' t precisely the same as the previous model. They are definitely bigger . At first it's kind of hard to tell, but if you hold them next to the QC25s you' ll instantaneously assure the difference. The headband is somewhat thicker. The ear beakers are somewhat bigger, and the headphones overall are somewhat heavier. This is to be expected taking into account these new headphones have basically all of the components built-in. Unlike the QC25' s which siphoned off some of the responsibility to the audio cable . Features The microphone and playback controls are now incorporated into the headphones instead. Bose also decided to trench the AAA battery required for the QC2 5s. The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones now features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that's incorporated into the headphones. This is good since you won't have to worry about ascertaining another AAA battery when it dies. This could be bad if your headphones die mid-flight. You'll then have no choice but to find a way to recharge them if you want ANC . All that, plus the active noise cancelling components induces the light weight of these headphones pretty impressive. Sure they're heavier now, but only just. Maybe it's the extra padding on the headband or something like a placebo impact, but these still feel very light and not heavy on the head at all . The headband is still very flexible. The headphones can fold down even smaller thanks to the ear beakers being able to rotate 90 degrees and the headband folding at the hinges. The left ear beaker still has an audio input for those hours when the battery succumbs. The fucking ear cup is where the magical passes . On the side there's the power/ Bluetooth pairing switch and two small grills where the microphones are. On the bottom of the ear cup are small indicator lightings and the playback controls. The interesting thing is that the volume buttons are slightly created above the multifunction button in the middle. This helps to easily locate them while wearing them . Performance When it comes to Bluetooth music streaming there's standard Bluetooth and then there's AptX Bluetooth. The latter is appreciably better for streaming music, but Apple's machines simply support the former. You can read more about the di
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22:43-- Guest_8980: Several times people often confuse between a strain and a sprain and employ these terms interchangeably. It's important to see the difference between a-strain and a sprain. A-strain is a personal injury to your soft areas, muscle tissue or tendon regarding the base because of exorbitant stretching or overuse, while a sprain is a partial or total rupture for the ligament. A sprain triggers even more pain that a strain.A base sprain the most typical base problems that large number of individuals sustain every day. A sprained foot limits the transportation and disrupts the activities. The ligament is a very good segment of thick, flexible cells that connect the bones and cartilage towards the joints. A sprain may occur when this ligament gets torn considering pressure exerted on it. You can find three kinds of foot sprain according to the extent of the problem. Grade 1 is a mild tearing of the ligament fibers and can easily be addressed. In grade 2, the power regarding the tear is moderate and there is a loss of function. Grade 3 is considered the most severe where the ligament is totally torn plus the discomfort is virtually unbearable. Both grade 2 and level 3 need health intervention to cure this base issue. Ankle sprains are also a common incident in base sprains.The signs can vary based on the quality and can include bruising and inflammation in the affected region. Sometimes, skin all over affected region risk turning bluish purple in shade due to disrupted blood flow. Other symptoms are sharp foot pain that's caused even by hook motion and a feeling of numbness observed all over affected area. Healing time is determined by the severe nature and the treatment given to the same. Let us observe to deal with a sprain within the foot.How to Heal a Sprained FootThe physician will initially diagnose the cause and extent of this sprain before administering therapy. The person might have to go through a number of examinations in the event that pain is intolerable and the swelling has increased considerably. The physician might also ask about the cause and earlier reputation for base problems for gauge the harm. In severe situations, the physician may suggest an X-ray or CT scan to get a clear image of the destruction caused into the base. There are various treatments for the treatment of a sprained foot, a number of which are provided the following:✱ If sprain is mild in nature, the strategy of therapy can sometimes include maintaining the foot in a heightened position, applying cold compress on affected area and wrapping the knee with a bandage to reduce the inflammation. Offer the knee with a few cushions to raise it while resting. This mode of treatment solutions are popularly known as the 'RICE' (remainder, ice, compression and level) therapy. ✱ Certain over-the-counter painkillers and anti inflammatory medicine could be taken fully to reduce the pain and inflammation. The doctor may prescribe the medicines and dose in line with the intensity
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22:59-- Guest_8488: Lots of people encounter neck-cracking on getting up, or while getting up from any place that they had been set for quite a long time. Often, it is really not simply the neck, but a lot of the various other parts of the body where one can feel the cracking, like knuckles, the feet, the low straight back, etc. For some, breaking the neck might just be a practice since it makes someone feel well and eases his/her discomfort regarding stress and discomfort. But is essential to know this relief supplied is temporary and these types of a habit are harmful inside long run.One should comprehend the cause of this cracking sound. The neck location is a joint and like most various other joint, there is certainly a lubricating fluid which ensures that there isn't any friction amongst the joints. This liquid is called the synovial liquid. This synovial fluid is found in a capsule between two joints. Whenever an individual wishes to, or when the chiropractor goes on to break the neck, they stretch the throat to one part. When one does that, the capsule which contains the synovial liquid gets extended thus its volume increases. Now we realize your stress contained is within inverse proportion with the amount. This little science session informs us when the pill inside neck is extended and its amount increases, pressure inside will decrease. Today, there is a large number of gases which form the synovial substance. If the pressure in the pill decreases, these dissolved fumes try not to remain mixed any longer and kind bubbles. Using a little more force blasts these gas bubbles and results in the breaking sound.The security in Cracking NecksOne may have most likely invested a long time cracking his/her throat, but while that noise is pleasing, additionally, it is alarming. All things considered, it really is a 'crack'
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